Will be posting video's weekly for 2020
Will be posting video's weekly for 2020
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This is IMPORT FACE-OFF! Promo vid Chandler, AZ. Save the date, Phoenix & surrounding areas!

Save the date, Arizona! Drag racing, drifting, car show, stereo contest, low car limbo, 2 step competition, burnout contest, DJ, vendors, and models. Purchase tickets on www.IMPORTFACEOFF.net

August, 2019 free ticket and Acura NSX giveaway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxa95...

Jerk gets kicked out of IFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRww9...

We teach an IFO model how to drag race our 700 hp GTR and she actually beats a National Champion?!?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbj7u...

Hot model goes from screams of terror to screams of joy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfrhu...

2019 www.IMPORTFACEOFF.net schedule (tentative)
1/6 – Tucson, AZ - Tucson Dragway
1/13 – Bradenton, FL - Bradenton Motorsports Park
1/27 – Fontana, CA - Autclub Dragway
2/10 – Gainesville, FL - Gainesville Raceway
2/17 – Bakersfield, CA - Autoclub Famoso Raceway
3/3 - Baytown, TX - Houston Raceway Park
3/10 – Chandler, AZ - Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park
3/10 - Ennis, TX - Texas Motorplex
3/17 - Las Vegas, NV - The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
3/24 - Noble, OK - Thunder Valley Raceway
3/24 - St. Louis, MO - Gateway Motorsports Park
3/31 - Atco, NJ - Atco Dragway
4/7 – Topeka, KS - Heatland Motorsports Park
4/7 - Rockingham, NC - Rockingham Dragway
4/14 - Hebron, OH - National Trail Raceway
4/28 - Belle Rose, LA - No Problem Raceway
4/28 - Dinwiddie, VA - Virginia Motorsports Park
5/5 - Kent, WA - Pacific Raceways
5/5 – Joliet, IL - Route 66 Raceway
5/19 – Epping, NH - New England Dragway
5/26 – Woodburn, OR - Woodburn Dragstrip
6/2 – Tulsa, OK - Tulsa Raceway Park
6/2 - Crofton, MD - Capitol Raceway
6/23 - West Salem, OH - Dragway 42
7/28 - Albany, NY - Lebanon Valley Dragway
8/25 - Kent, WA - Pacific Raceways
9/1 - Hebron, OH - National Trail Raceway
9/15 - St. Louis, MO - Gateway Motorsports Park
9/22 - Bakersfield, CA - Autoclub Famoso Raceway
9/29 - Atco, NJ - Atco Dragway
10/6 - Epping, NH - New England Dragway
10/6 - Joliet, IL - Route 66 Raceway
10/13 - Topeka, KS - Heartland Motorsports Park
10/20 - Baytown, TX - Houston Raceway Park
10/27 - Chandler, AZ - Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park
11/3 - Ennis, TX - Texas Motorplex
11/3 - Gainesville, FL - Gainesville Raceway
11/10 - Baton Rouge, LA - State Capitol Raceway
11/17 - West Palm Beach, FL - Palm Beach International Raceway
12/1 - Memphis, TN - Memphis International Raceway
12/15 - Las Vegas, NV - The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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