AWD Insanity! 1300hp Honda Civic Runs 7sec at TX2K24!

AWD Honda civic Texas Motorplex TX2K TX2K24

AWD Insanity! 1300hp Honda Civic Runs 7.6 at TX2K24! We caught up with driver Jonathan at TX2K24 and got a look at his mind-blowing Honda Civic EK! Forget everything you thought you knew about Civics - this AWD monster is packing a 1300hp punch thanks to a Precision Turbo setup.

But horsepower isn't everything. This lightweight beast weighs in at just 2945 lbs and features a Nexus ECU for ultimate control. The result? A blistering personal best of 7.6 seconds at 182 mph at TX2K24!

Join John Torres as he dives deep into the build with Jonathan. We'll explore:

The secrets behind squeezing 1300hp out of a Honda Civic How the AWD system puts all that power to the ground The lightweighting techniques used to keep the car nimble Jonathan's experience running a 7.6-second pass This is a Honda Civic unlike any other! Prepare to be amazed by the engineering, the power, and the pure drag racing passion.

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