860whp Hellcat vs Supercharged Mustang, Audi S4 & Mustang 5.0 @ Street Car Take Over

2024 860whp Hellcat Dodge Street Car Take Over

Witness a Monster Brawl at Bradenton's Street Car Takeover! Gear up for a mind-blowing drag race showdown at Bradenton Motorsport Park's Street Car Takeover! This isn't your average race; it's a clash of titans featuring:

An 887whp MONSTER Dodge Hellcat: Can anything stand in the way of this fire-breathing beast? A Supercharged Mustang: Packing serious punch, will the Mustang challenge the Hellcat's dominance? An Audi S4 with 440whp: The unexpected challenger, can German engineering compete with American muscle? A 2021 Mustang 5.0: The classic muscle car gets an upgrade, can it hold its own against the other contenders?

This drag race is all about: Raw Power vs. Precision: Will brute force reign supreme, or will calculated engineering take the win? American Muscle vs. Import Performance: Can the American muscle cars maintain their dominance, or will the Audi S4 prove its mettle? David vs. Goliaths: Watch the underdog Audi S4 take on the high-horsepower monsters!


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