850hp Mustang 5.0 Supercharge takes on Tesla Plaid & Turbo Civic @ Street Car Take over in Bradenton

2024 Dark Horse Mustang BRADENTON MOTORSPORTS PARK Kenne Bell Supercharger Mustang 5.0 street car take over

Import vs. Domestic vs. Electric: John Torres Takes You to Bradenton Motorsport Park a Street Car Take Over Event! John Torres from The Drag Race Channel brings you an epic drag race showdown from the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida! This is a clash of titans, featuring three completely different approaches to speed:

- Aj Russo's 850hp Mustang 5.0: This American muscle car packs a serious punch thanks to a Kenne Bell Supercharger, promising raw power and tire-shredding performance.

- A Tesla Plaid: The representative of the electric revolution, the Tesla Plaid boasts instant torque and mind-blowing acceleration.

- A Turbo Civic: Don't underestimate the underdog! This modified Honda Civic, equipped with a turbocharger, is a proven force on the drag strip.

John Torres Interviews Aj Russo: John gets exclusive access to Aj Russo, the driver behind the wheel of the monstrous Mustang. They'll discuss: The extensive modifications and the power of the Kenne Bell Supercharger. Aj's strategy for taking on the competition.

The thrill of drag racing a classic American muscle car. This video features:

Close-up look at all three beasts: Get a detailed look at the modifications and features of the Mustang, the Tesla Plaid, and the Turbo Civic. High-Octane Drag Race Action: Witness the raw power of the Mustang, the silent speed of the Tesla, and the surprising performance of the Civic in a series of thrilling races. Burnouts, tire smoke, and pure adrenaline: Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the Bradenton Motorsports Park. Will Aj Russo's muscle overpower the competition, or will the electric future of the Tesla Plaid reign supreme? Can the underdog Turbo Civic pull off a shocker? Watch and find out who wins this epic drag race battle!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win! Team Muscle, Team Electric, or Team Import?

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