3000hp Dodge Viper @ TX2K24 from Calvo Motorsports

TX2K24 Texas Motorplex: Can an Audi R8 Tame a 3000hp Viper? Gear up for a monstrous drag race showdown at the TX2K24 Texas Motorplex, courtesy of Calvo Motorsports!

In one corner, a legendary beast awakens: a Dodge Viper boasting a mind-blowing 3000plus horsepower.

In the other corner, a technological marvel awaits: an Audi R8 exceeding a staggering 2000plus horsepower.

This drag race is all about:

Raw Power vs. Precision Engineering: Can the brute force of the Viper overpower the technical finesse of the Audi R8, even with a horsepower disadvantage? American Muscle vs. German Engineering: Will the iconic American muscle car reign supreme, or will the German engineering prowess of the Audi R8 steal the show? High Horsepower Showdown: Witness a clash of titans, both exceeding the 2000 horsepower mark!

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