Plymouth Road Runner vs C5 Corvette & Buick Regal Tear Up Island Dragway

Buick Regal C5 Corvette Garden state island dragway New Jersey Plymouth Road Runner

Mopar Muscle Mayhem! Plymouth Road Runner vs. C5 Corvette & Buick Regal Tear Up Island Dragway! Get ready for a blast from the past as a trio of American muscle cars take center stage at Island Dragway, New Jersey during a test and tune day!

In this corner, a rumbling legend - the Plymouth Road Runner. This iconic car oozes classic muscle car charm and packs a serious punch under the hood.

Facing off against the Road Runner are two other American powerhouses: The Chevrolet C5 Corvette: A technological marvel for its time, the C5 Corvette boasts impressive handling and a refined driving experience.

The Buick Regal: This timeless design brings classic muscle car looks with surprising performance capabilities.

Will the timeless design of the Plymouth Road Runner dominate, or will the technological advancements of the C5 Corvette or the Buick Regal prove too much to handle? Watch and find out who wins this test and tune day showdown!

Leave a comment below and tell us who you think will win! What's your favorite classic muscle car?

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