Dodge Hellcat vs Civic, Mustang, Charger Drag Race @ Island Dragway

Dodge Hellcat drag racing island dragway NJ

Hellcat Unleashed! Can It Tame the Pack at Island Dragway? The mighty Dodge Hellcat roars onto the scene at Island Dragway, New Jersey, ready to take on a trio of American muscle contenders! Buckle up for a horsepower throwdown as we witness:

The Hellcat: This fire-breathing beast boasts a monstrous engine and enough power to leave rivals in the dust. The Civic: Don't judge a book by its cover! This unsuspecting Honda Civic packs a serious punch thanks to modifications and a skilled driver. The Mustang: A timeless symbol of American muscle, the Ford Mustang is a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip. The Charger: Another Dodge muscle car joins the fray, bringing power and handling to the competition.

Will the monstrous Hellcat dominate the competition, or will one of the challengers pull off an upset victory? Watch and find out who claims the crown at Island Dragway!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win! Who's your favorite car in this matchup?

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