Hellcat Charger vs CAMARO ZL1, Challenger, Mustang, F150 whipple & Corvette @ Street Car Take Over

Bradenton Motorsport Park Camaro ZL1 Challenger Dodge Drag racing Florida Hellcat Hellcat Charger Street Car Take Over

Bradenton Brawl: Modern Muscle Mayhem & Bonus Roll Race! (Street Car Takeover) Get ready for a muscle car showdown of epic proportions at Bradenton Motorsports Park for the Street Car Takeover! This video features a classic American muscle car battle with a bonus high-horsepower roll race:

Modern Muscle Mayhem:

Dodge Hellcat Charger: The undisputed king of horsepower brings its iconic power and widebody design to the competition.

Dodge Hellcat Challenger: Another Hellcat joins the fray! This iconic muscle car promises tire-shredding performance and a battle for dominance amongst its own kind.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: The ultimate Camaro arrives, boasting impressive power and handling to challenge the Hellcat reign.

Foxbody Mustang (Year Model Unknown): A blast from the past with a modern twist! This modified Foxbody Mustang injects some retro muscle into the competition. Bonus Round: High-Horsepower Roll Race (40mph Start): Whipple-Supercharged Ford F-150: Can a truck keep up with supercars? This F-150, packing a monstrous Whipple supercharger, aims to prove its worth.

Chevrolet Corvette (Model Unknown): A mystery Corvette joins the fray! This high-performance machine will showcase its capabilities in a 40mph roll race against the Hellcat Charger.

Dodge Hellcat Charger: The Hellcat returns for a bonus round, ready to show its dominance in a rolling start race.

Will the Hellcats maintain dominance, or will the Camaro ZL1 dethrone them? Can the classic Foxbody Mustang muscle in for a win? How will the monstrous Hellcat fare against the Corvette and the F150 Whipple Supercharger in the high-speed 40mph roll start drag race? Watch and find out who claims bragging rights at the Bradenton Street Car Takeover!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win each race! Team Hellcat Charger, Team Hellcat Challenger, Team ZL1, Team Foxbody, Team F-150, or Team Corvette? What other muscle car matchups or high-horsepower roll races would you like to see in the future?

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