F150 Whipple Supercharger vs Audi S6, Track Hawk & Corvette ZR1 @ Street Car Take Over

Audi S6 Bradenton Motorsport Park Corvette ZR1 Drag racing F150 Florida Street Car Take Over Track Hawk Whipple Supercharger

Bradenton Blitz: Supercharged Showdown! F-150 vs. Audi S6, Track hawk & ZR1 at Street Car Takeover! Gear up for a supercharged showdown at Bradenton Motorsports Park as the Street Car Takeover throws a drag race you won't forget! This video features a clash of titans, all packing serious power thanks to supercharger upgrades:

A Monstrous Whipple-Supercharged Ford F-150: Don't underestimate this truck! Modified with a Whipple supercharger, this F-150 brings unexpected power and challenges the traditional drag race landscape.

An Audi S6 Packing a Supercharged Punch: This luxurious sedan isn't here to play nice. Its supercharger upgrade unleashes impressive power, ready to surprise everyone.

A Supercharged Dodge Track hawk: The king of SUVs gets even more ferocious! This Track hawk boasts a supercharger upgrade, adding even more power to its already impressive performance.

A Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Supercharged Sting: This iconic supercar, known for its power and handling, gets an extra boost with a supercharger, making it a serious contender.

With a diverse range of car types and supercharger configurations, this drag race is unpredictable! Can the F-150 prove that trucks can compete with supercars and performance SUVs? Will the Audi S6's supercharged luxury surprise everyone? Can the Trackhawk maintain its dominance with the added power? Or will the supercharged Corvette ZR1 reign supreme? Watch and find out who claims bragging rights at the Bradenton Street Car Takeover!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win! Team F-150, Team Audi S6, Team Trackhawk, or Team ZR1? What other supercharged car matchups would you like to see in the future?

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