Sonata NLine vs Mustang vs Toyota FRS @ Island dragway a 4 cylinder battle

FRS interview island dragway review Sonata NLine THE DRAG RACE Toyota

The stage is set for an epic four-cylinder battle at Island Dragway! A Hyundai Sonata NLine takes on two established champions: a roaring 2023 Mustang and a sleek 2023 Toyota FRS.

This isn't your average drag race. It's a battle of:

Modern Engineering: Can the Sonata NLine's advanced technology compete with the established performance of the Mustang and FRS? Horsepower vs. Handling: Will the raw power of the Mustang or the nimble handling of the FRS reign supreme? Unexpected Contender: Can the Sonata NLine surprise everyone and claim victory?

Sonata NLine with JB4 Tune vs Mustang, BMW & 2023 Toyota FRS @ Island Dragway: Interview

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