Nick Cole Mann Chevrolet S10 vs GRANNAS Supra vs THE GRUBB WORM Camaro @ TX2K24

Chevrolet S10 GRANNAS Supra Nick Cole Mann THE GRUBB WORM TX2K TX2K24

Nick Cole-Mann Scores 2nd Place in TX2K24 Stick Shift Challenge: Chevy S10 vs. GRANNAS Supra & THE GRUBB WORM Camaro! Congratulations to Nick Cole-Mann for snagging an impressive 2nd place finish in the TX2K24 Stick Shift Challenge! This video takes you right into the heart of the action, showcasing Nick battling it out behind the wheel of his Chevrolet S10 against two legendary opponents:

GRANNAS Supra: A force to be reckoned with, this highly tuned Supra is known for its raw power and performance. THE GRUBB WORM Camaro: Another fierce competitor, this Camaro packs a serious punch and boasts incredible handling. Witness the thrill of high-speed, high-stakes drag racing as Nick puts his skills and his Chevy S10 to the test. This video features:

Close-up shots of the competing vehicles - Chevy S10, GRANNAS Supra, and THE GRUBB WORM Camaro.

The electric atmosphere of the TX2K24 Stick Shift Challenge. Can an underdog Chevy S10 with a skilled driver at the wheel outrun more well-known performance cars? Watch and celebrate Nick Cole-Mann's impressive 2nd place finish!

Leave a comment below and cheer on Nick Cole-Mann! What's your favorite underdog car in drag racing?

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