BMW M3 Competition Battles Z06, Mustang, Camaro SS & Porsche 911 Turbo in 65mph Roll Race!

BMW M3 Camaro SS Mustang Porsche 911 Turbo Z06 Corvette

Pocono Powerhouse Rollout: M3 vs. Z06, Mustang, Camaro, & More in 65mph Battle! (Race Motive) Get ready for a high-speed brawl at Pocono Raceway as Race Motive throws a 65mph roll race event unlike any other! This video features a diverse lineup of European engineering, American muscle, and high-performance luxury.

With a range of car manufacturers, classes, and generations of M3s, this roll race is unpredictable! Can the BMW M3 Competition establish itself as a roll race contender? Will the classic American muscle of the Z06, Mustang, and Camaro dominate? Can the luxurious Porsche 911 Turbo surprise everyone? And how will the bonus M3 fare against its newer counterpart? Watch and find out who claims bragging rights at the Race Motive event!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win each race! Team M3 Competition, Team Z06, Team Mustang, Team Camaro, Team Porsche, or Team M3 (Unknown Year)? What other interesting car matchups would you like to see in future roll races?

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