BMW 240i Vs Mustang & Charger drag racing at Island Dragway

BMW 240i

Can a BMW 240i Take Down Mustangs & a Charger at Island Dragway? The battle lines are drawn at Island Dragway, New Jersey during a test and tune day! In this David vs. Goliath matchup, a sporty BMW 240i throws down the gauntlet to a trio of American muscle machines:

The BMW 240i: This German engineering marvel boasts rear-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine, promising a thrilling driving experience. But can it compete against raw American muscle on the drag strip?

The Ford Mustangs (Year Model Unknown): We don't know the exact year of these Mustangs, but one thing's for sure - these iconic American ponies are ready to gallop down the track with classic muscle car power.

The Dodge Charger: A symbol of American muscle in its own right, the Charger brings power, size, and aggressive presence to the competition.

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