ACR Viper 2500hp vs 2011 Mustang 1532hp & 95 Mustang 1300hp Drag Racing @ Texas Motorplex TX2K24

TX2K24 Texas Tussle: Viper vs. Mustangs! Can a 2500hp Beast Slay the Ponies?

Hold on tight for a horsepower showdown at the Texas Motorplex for TX2K24! This video features a classic American muscle car battle with a monstrous twist:

  • A 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Boasting 2500hp: This venomous beast isn't your average Viper! Extensive modifications push its power to a mind-blowing 2500hp, making it a true contender for dominance on the quarter-mile.
  • A 2011 Ford Mustang Packing 1532hp: Don't underestimate the Mustangs! This 2011 model comes packing a serious 1532hp punch thanks to upgrades, aiming to challenge the Viper's reign.
  • Another Mustang Challenger: A 1995 Model with 1300hp: Witness the evolution of muscle! This classic 1995 Mustang boasts an impressive 1300hp upgrade, proving muscle cars from any era can compete at the highest levels.

With a monstrous 2500hp Viper leading the charge, a 1532hp 2011 Mustang and a 1300hp 1995 Mustang aiming to prove muscle car dominance, this is a drag race you don't want to miss! Will the Viper's extreme power reign supreme, or will the Mustangs combine their power and legacy to take home the win at TX2K24? Watch and find out!

Leave a comment below and tell us who YOU think will win! Team 2500hp Viper, Team 1532hp 2011 Mustang, or Team 1300hp 1995 Mustang? Have you ever seen a similar high-horsepower matchup between a Dodge Viper and Mustangs? What other incredible drag race battles would you like to see at future TX2K24 events?

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