1025hp Dodge Demon 170 Battles Muscle Cars @ Island Dragway Test & Tune day

1025hp Dodge Demon 170 drag racing Island Dragway

Demon Unleashed! 1024hp Dodge Demon Battles Muscle Cars at Island Dragway Test & Tune The monstrous Dodge Demon with a jaw-dropping 1024 horsepower hits the track at Island Dragway, New Jersey for a test and tune day! Buckle up as this demonic machine takes on a variety of classic muscle cars, including a Chevy Nova and a Ford Mustang.

Will the Demon's modern technology and insane power reign supreme, or will a well-tuned classic muscle car pull off an upset?

This video features:

- Close-up look at the 1025hp Dodge Demon and its features.

- Drag races against a Chevy Nova, Ford Mustang, and other muscle cars.

- Burnouts, tire smoke, and the raw power of American muscle.

Can the Demon live up to its name and dominate the test and tune session? Watch and find out! Leave a comment below and tell us who you think will win! Who's your favorite classic muscle car?

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